Raspberry Pi 5 magazine specials: The MagPi #134 and HackSpace #71

Last week was pretty exciting, wasn’t it? On Thursday we announced Raspberry Pi 5, then on Friday we told you about a couple of ways you can get a Raspberry Pi 5 as soon as they’re on sale. Now it’s our magazines’ time to shine.

The MagPi and HackSpace magazines both have brand-new special Raspberry Pi 5 issues out right now. Subscribers to either magazine get Priority Boarding to have their Raspberry Pi 5 orders shipped right at the front of the queue. New subscribers are eligible for Priority Boarding too, so if you’ve been on the fence about taking out a subscription, now might be the time.

The MagPi #134

the magpi magazine issue 134 featuring a raspberry pi 5 on a black and grey patterned background with colourful swirls, circles and other shapes shooting out from beneath the board

Get up close with Raspberry Pi 5 in the latest issue of The MagPi with an in-depth look at each individual component, an exploration of the new version of Raspberry Pi OS, and a look at all the new accessories. There are also interviews with our CTO (Hardware) James Adams, who takes us behind the scenes of the hardware and silicon building process, and our Head of Documentation, Alasdair Allan, who talks about… yes, writing documentation for Raspberry Pi 5.

Halloween enthusiasts won’t be disappointed; we haven’t let our big announcement shoulder aside their favourite holiday. As is proper to the season, The MagPi also includes a big Halloween feature in this issue, and it’s packed with spookily themed build ideas. Plus there are tons of tutorials and project showcases, as ever, and I reckon they’ve snuck in one last look at our newest piece of hardware — the usual Final Word feature is titled “Five”.

HackSpace magazine #71

HackSpace magazine issue 71 raspberry pi 5 special featuring eben upton blurred in the background holding a clear raspberry pi 5 up towards the readertext reads eben upton presents raspberry pi 5. $25 million, 8 years, 1 power switch

HackSpace’s latest issue features Jason Statham* on the front cover holding our latest hardware release. He did it for free as a favour because he’s such a big fan of Raspberry Pi.

Regular readers needn’t worry — they’ll still get their fix of Top Projects, hardware reviews, and tutorials, but there’s also a gigantic interview with Raspberry Pi CEO Eben Upton and CTO (Hardware) James Adams running all the way from pages 22–33. They discuss why we made certain design decisions, how we’ve improved our manufacturing process, why we designed a new chip for Raspberry Pi 5, and how we’ve managed to keep the cost of our new board as low as possible. It’s a real deep-dive on how Raspberry Pi 5 came to be.

*The boring legal people said I have to tell you it isn’t really Jason Statham, but please don’t stop asking us whether Eben is Jason Statham whenever we post pictures of him. He hates loves it.

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